In addition to product distribution, METPHA is also developing Digital Solutions as part of our unique product range. METPHA provides digital applications to individuals, both doctors and patients, and healthcare facilities. These application will be integrated into our supply chain management platform to maximize the benefits of being part of our global health community.

We serve our clients on multiple levels, analysing their digital needs and connectivity, integrating their systems to form global connections, developing technological solutions, and providing for their day-to-day needs through our distribution services.

The healthcare sector has made continuous and rapid progress with exponential growth in the development of new devices and technologies. IT has gained a dominant presence in healthcare services, especially through Web- based electronic medical records (EMRs).

METPHA Product - SCM

Supply Chain Management (Manufacturers / Distributors)

The integrated SCM application is an innovative online platform that connects manufacturers and distributors virtually with healthcare institutions.

METPHA Service - EMR

Electronic Medical Records (Hospital/Clinic)

Medical records have traditionally been maintained in paper-based charts and graphs, requiring significant space and manpower to store and handle them.

METPHA Service - PHR

Personal Health Records

The Web-based personal health records (PHRs) application stores necessary health information about patients.

METPHA Service - DCE

Doctors' Continuing Education

The Doctors’ Continuing Education (DCE) application is an innovative online platform that connects doctors virtually with the global health system.

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