About us

About us


METPHA is a digital health, technology and medical distribution company based in Ireland. We build connections between healthcare stakeholders worldwide. We specialize in delivering technological solutions and products to a diverse clientele within the healthcare industry. Alongside digital solutions, we offer market-access support and distribute pharmaceuticals and medical products to global clients.


Founder & CEO

Dr. Yaser is a Surgeon with 10 years of experience in hospitals throughout Germany. He also has experience in continuous research and solution development in digital healthcare transformation.


Co-Founder & COO

Mr. Asim is a Pharmacist with 6 years of experience as a healthcare provider and in pharmacy digital processes including supply chains.


Co-Founder & CTO

Mr. Ismail is a Software engineer with over 7 years of experience in designing and building software systems. He started off his career in Silicon Valley where he worked in the Bosch research Center.


METPHA is committed to providing the highest standards of software development and integration of Web-enabled applications while delivering the highest quality distribution and supply chain management (SCM) services.


Our vision is to have a holistic approach to cloud solutions, which will enable us to meet the diverse needs of clients within the healthcare industry. METPHA will do this by maximising the use of the latest technologies in all aspects of the global healthcare industry by pinpointing weaknesses in the system and working on technological solutions to minimise them.

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