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METPHA helps healthcare providers connect with the right suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to improve efficiency and decrease costs. We help clients optimize their financial performance by aggregating purchasing volume and negotiating discounts on their behalf. Our tailored approach helps businesses realise unprecedented savings by delivering measurable results and long-term improvements.

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METPHA provides a comprehensive range of drug products from reputable worldwide pharmaceutical manufacturers to pharmacies, hospitals, ...

Medical Supplies

METPHA provides you with the convenience and ease of having a single source that will connect and supply you with a plethora of new global clients.

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METPHA focuses on evolving and integrating the components of the healthcare industry’s supply chain, with considerable attention on future scopes and present trends. This industry’s supply chain is inherently complex, so it is difficult to identify quick solutions that reduce inefficiencies and decrease costs. One of our main products is the Supply Chain Management (SCM) application which is an integrated platform that offers great opportunities for improvement and streamlines the supply chain process for all stakeholders involved.

METPHA develops digital solutions such as software and applications that help clients organize and manage their data. Our company helps healthcare facilities and workers to digitalise their patient data records. Clients can utilise the latest technologies and take their facilities to the next level by providing new, high-quality services to their patients and clients. The digital solutions branch of our company aims to take healthcare from the file cabinet to an extensive medical network.

METPHA knows that physicians are busy and are often pulled in many directions in today’s ever-changing environment. We provide science-based evidence to change behaviour and drive value, particularly related to devices and medication. One challenge facing modern physicians is keeping up with the wide variety of available therapies, tools and products. We help empower physicians through easy accessibility of these resources to elevate their clinical performance.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The integrated SCM application is an innovative online platform that connects manufacturers and distributors virtually with healthcare institutions.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Medical records have traditionally been maintained in paper-based charts and graphs, requiring significant space and manpower to store and handle them.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

The Web-based personal health records (PHRs) application stores necessary health information about patients.

Doctors' Continuing Education (DCE)

The Doctors’ Continuing Education (DCE) application is an innovative online platform that connects doctors virtually with the global health system.

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